Master Bathroom with gold trimmed mirror and black fixtures.

How I Updated My Builder Grade Mirrors

Are you looking for quick and affordable ways to update your home?

Whether you live in a new home, with boring builder grade options, or just need a little update, this is an easy project for you.

We purchased our home as a new build about two years ago. If you’ve ever purchased a new build, you know custom options aren’t always affordable, or available when you visit the design center. We chose to spend our money on the big items like flooring, cabinets, and countertops. We’ve dabbled in home improvements in the past, and knew we could change fixtures out ourselves.

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Updating the Mirrors

One project that I really wanted to update was our boring builder grade mirrors. We have very large mirrors in our master and son’s/guest bathrooms, and we didn’t want to deal with the removal or cost of replacing a mirror that size. I’ve watched many tutorials on building a frame around the mirrors, I just never liked the look, as I wanted a sleek, thin, metal style frame.

I was scrolling online a few weeks ago and found a video recommending a peel and stick flexible trim molding. It comes in matte gold, black, white, and silver. I loved the way it looked, so I immediately ordered.

My son’s/guest and master bathrooms both needed an update, so I ordered the matte gold and matte black in the .4″ width. I used two of the 16.4 foot rolls for each mirror.

For my master bath, I used matte gold. I cleaned the mirror well and wiped around the border with rubbing alcohol to make sure it was really clean. We precut four pieces to the length of each side of the mirror, leaving a little extra for mistakes. My husband helped me miter the edges (that was the hardest part) and then we literally just lined the trim up to the edge of the mirror, carefully removing the backing and pushing it down as we went.

My one tip would be to line it up properly the first time, because if you have to pull it back up to realign, it can leave a small crease mark that’s hard to smooth out.

I Can’t Believe How They Turned Out!

Master Bathroom Builder Grade Mirror Update with Peel and Stick Flexible Moulding in Matte Gold

This is the finished product! It turned out so well, and really elevated the space in less than an hour.

This is my master bathroom with matte gold trim. Don’t be afraid to mix metals. I especially love gold with black.

Soon after, I updated my son’s bathroom using the matte black trim.

Master Bathroom Builder Grade Mirror Update with Peel and Stick Flexible Moulding in Matte Black

I’m more than pleased with how the mirrors turned out. It’s not only pretty, but the trim was extremely sticky, so I don’t anticipate it coming off anytime soon.

If you try it, I’d love to see pics. Be sure to tag me @simplymadebyerin

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