Set of three crochet towel holders in cream laying on a table with Fall inspired hand towels

Crochet Towel Holders 3 Ways | Free Crochet Pattern

Have you battled with your towels falling off your oven or dishwasher every time you open the door? Well, have I got the pattern for you! Crochet towel holders, or sometimes called towel toppers, are all the rage lately! They’re really fast and easy to crochet, but also extremely useful in the kitchen. Just slip them around the bar on your oven or dishwasher, then feed your towel through. No more towels falling on the floor!

This easy towel holder project is the perfect item to stock up on for markets, and they also make the perfect handmade gift. Pair one with a beautiful seasonal towel, mini cutting board, and some canned pepper jelly, and you have an affordable, meaningful gift, that just about anyone will love! The towel holders also look nice with only a ribbon wrapped around it, no need to spend time wrapping it.

The pattern is a beginner friendly pattern using basic crochet stitches and techniques. In the instructions below, I have included not only one, but THREE different patterns to create a cute towel holder!

set of three crochet towel toppers in cream hanging on a dishwasher with Fall themed hand towels

Each pattern is worked in rows, using Bernat Maker Home Dec (two strands held together), in the color Cream.

I love this yarn, but it can be hard to find. I suggest stocking up when it’s available.

Below are three suppliers I recommend:
Annie’s Craft Store

Yarn Substitutions

I’ve had a lot of questions regarding substitutions for Bernat Maker Home Dec, but honestly I haven’t found one, especially one that can be purchased in stores. It’s a tube yarn with a cotton shell, almost jersey/T-shirt like, and a nylon filling, making it hard to find something similar. I love working with it, and I love the look of it. It can be a bit expensive, but the skeins are big, so they go a long way. I have a lot of patterns I’ve written with this yarn, because I love it so much. If anyone has a substitute suggestion for me, please let me know.

The good news with this pattern, is you can really use whatever yarn you’d like. I think t-shirt yarn, cotton yarn, macrame cording, or even acrylic yarn would look nice. Keep in mind, it will be in the kitchen and there may be a bit of pulling and tugging, so you want something that will hold up to all of that. Other than that, use whatever you think will work for you.


The approximate band length, before adding the rings, is 7.25″ and the width varies from about 3.25″-4″.

The pattern is very easy to adjust by adding or subtracting chains to the foundation chain (ending with an even number of stitches), and adding or subtracting rows until you get your desired length. The rest of the pattern is followed exactly, you’ll just have a different stitch count.

Additionally, if you change the yarn size of the project, be sure to adjust your hook size accordingly.

Wooden Rings

You’ll need two wooden rings. I purchased 4″ Wooden Rings from Amazon. The outside diameter was 100mm (approximately 3.9″-4″), and the inside diameter should be about 2.7″-2.8″.

I went a little larger than what I’ve seen on other towel holders. I feel the smaller rings made it harder to feed the towel through, and they bunched up too much. If you go smaller, I suggest not going under 3″. The 4″ still holds the towel in nicely and shouldn’t fall out easily.


Crochet towel toppers being displayed on a table with cute Fall themed hand towels

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Skill Level

Advanced Beginner

Stitch Key | US Terms

beg – beginning
ch(s) – chain/chains
sc – single crochet
dc – double crochet
hdc – half double crochet
hhdc – herringbone half double crochet
st(s) – stitch/stitches
blo – back loop only


Size 5, Bulky Yarn (two strands held together)
Approximately 25 yards
I prefer Bernat Maker Home Dec, color used was Cream, (results will vary depending on yarn used)
L11/8mm Crochet Hook (or size to meet gauge)
Tapestry Needle
Flexible Measuring Tape
Two 4″ Wooden Rings, The outside diameter is 100mm (approximately 3.9″-4″), and the inside diameter should be about 2.7″-2.8″.

Gauge/Working in Rows

7 sts & 5 rows of hdc working in BLO = 3 x 3 Inches with L Hook

Please be sure to check your gauge before starting, as tension can vary greatly from person to person and depending on the yarn used.

Special Stitches

Herringbone Half Double Crochet (hhdc)
Yarn over, insert your hook, yarn over, pull up a loop and pull directly through the first loop on your hook. Yarn over and pull through the remaining two loops.

Video instructions here:


– Beg ch of each row does not count as st, work 1st st in same st as beg ch.
– Use two strands of yarn held together

Option 1 | HDC in Back Loop Only

Crochet Towel Topper with Half Double Crochet Pattern

Row 1. Leaving a long beg tail (about 30″), loosely ch 9, starting in 2nd ch from hook, hdc across, turn. (8hdc)

Row 2-12. Ch 1, working in blo, hdc across, turn. (8hdc)

Fasten off leaving a long tail end (about 30″), see Joining Ends instructions below.

Option 2 | The Herringbone HDC

Crochet Towel Topper with Herringbone Half Double Crochet Pattern

Row 1. Leaving a long beg tail (about 30″), loosely ch 9, starting in 2nd ch from hook, hhdc across, turn. (8hhdc)

Row 2-14. Ch 1, hhdc across, turn. (8hhdc)

Fasten off leaving a long tail end (about 30″), see Joining Ends instructions below.

Option 3 | The Lemon Peel Stitch

Crochet Towel Topper with Lemon Peel Pattern

Note: Always work the sc into the dc of the previous row, and the dc into the sc of previous row.

Row 1. Leaving a long beg tail (about 30″), loosely ch 9, working in 2nd chain from hook, sc,dc across, turn.(8sts)

Row 2-12. ch1, sc,dc across, turn. (8sts)

Fasten off leaving a long tail end (about 30″), see Joining Ends instructions below.

Joining Ends to Wooden Rings

Using a tapestry needle and beg tail end, sew short side of your piece around wooden ring by working your needle under both loops of the foundation chain. Fasten off and weave in the loose ends. Repeat process on opposite end, using your ending tail and working under both loops of row ends.

Video instructions here  

Your towel toppers are finished, enjoy!!

Three Crochet Towel Holders hanging on a dishwasher with Christmas themed towels in green and red.

I found these adorable and affordable Christmas towels at Target. They would make the perfect addition to give as a Christmas gift!

If you try the pattern, I’d love to see pics. Be sure to tag me @simplymadebyerin

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  1. Hi! This is probably a really silly question but can you tell me how you get the 2 strands together? Do you cut the yarn before you start and are they each 12.5 yards? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi there, not a stupid question at all. The easiest way is to either use two skeins, or pull from the center and the outside. This particular yarn tends to tangle easily if you pull from the middle and the outside, so I recommend two skeins, but you can still make it work with one, just be careful when pulling from the center.

  2. Is it 25 yards per strand (50 yards) or a total of 25 yards using both strands? (want to be sure I buy enough yard to make several for xmas presents. Thank you!

  3. I am just making sure on the crocheting we are crocheting with 2 strands all the way through? Would it be the best to have 2 skeins and just double the strands to crochet this correctly? Does that make sense LOL I am trying to figure if that is easiest for me I have already rolled one skein into a ball

    1. Hi there, it’s definitely easier to use two skeins, so you can pull a strand from both skeins, but it is doable from one skein by pulling from the outside and center. I do find that Bernat Maker Home Dec tangles easily pulling from the center, so I try to avoid that option.

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