Three machine knit pumpkins in stacks of three each

How to Attach Stacked Pumpkins

Have you all seen stacked pumpkins everywhere lately? I think they add an elevated touch to a single crochet or knit pumpkin, and they’re super easy to attach.

The adorable pumpkin stacks shown here are a little different than my normal crochet pumpkins. They’re machine knit on my Addi King, 46 needle knitting machine. I only pull my machine out about once a year to make these, because they’re so cute and fast to make. I’m no pro on writing up a knitting machine pattern, so I’m just going to give you the basics, because I know you’ll ask!

I used worsted weight yarn from Hobby Lobby and made three sizes, I did not use waste yarn.

30 rounds (size small)
50 rounds (size medium)
70 rounds (size large)

Once the pieces were removed from the machine, I doubled the tubes (like making a hat), cinched one end closed, added Poly-fil, then cinched the opposite end closed by weaving some extra yarn around the top (leave some extra length for the ribbing).

To add the ribbing, using a tapestry needle, take the extra yarn tail and push it up through the bottom center (pulling tightly), repeat for as many ribs as you’d like.

That’s it, weave in your loose ends and the pumpkin is finished. Like I said above, I’m not a machine knit pattern writer, so If you need more visuals, there are a ton of video tutorials with this same method on YouTube. Just search machine knit pumpkin tutorial.

Pin Instructions for Later!

Now, let’s get back to creating the pumpkin stacks. I created a quick reel on Instagram, that I uploaded to YouTube. The video is sped up, but I think you’ll get the general idea. All you need is some twine or yarn, scissors, and a long upholstery needle, stick, and glue or glue gun. You just thread the twine through the layers of the pumpkin, using the long upholstery needle, then attach the stem, as shown in the video.

It’s as easy as that!

If you make some stacks using my method, I’d love to see pics. Be sure to tag me @simplymadebyerin

If you like to crochet, I have a bundle of six crochet pumpkin patterns on Etsy for a great discount. They’re perfect for Stacking! I think you’ll also enjoy these FREE Crochet Pumpkin Patterns.

crochet pumpkin bundle showcasing six different crochet patterns by Simply Made by Erin

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